Anse Major Nature Trail Guide

Your guide to discovering the Anse Major Trail

Glacis Noire Nature Trail Guide

Your guide to discovering Praslin's official trail

Copolia Nature Trail Guide

Your guide to discovering the Copolia Trail


Due to the difficulty level of the trail. Tourists will only be able to hike it under the supervision of a licensed guide.

Kindly contact any of the guides from the list.

Trois Freres Trail brochure

Your guide to discovering the Trois Frères Nature Trail

Morne Seychellois Nature Trail Guide

Your guide to discovering Seychelles' highest peak


Lists of all our plants on sale at the Biodiversity Centre

SNPA Organigram

SPGA has a highly complex organization structure given the array of functions of the Authority.  This is a unique combination of Parks and Gardens both of which require highly technical and skilled personnel for their effective management.

Hiking in Seychelles

To help hikers on their way, the Seychelles Tourism Board, in 2017, launched a 77-page guide in collaboration with authors Remy Ravon and Romain Latourniere, titled Hiking in Seychelles which covers a total of 15 routes across four islands. This useful guide contains invaluable information about each trail, its distance, level of difficulty and remarkable features that leaves very few questions unanswered. Hiking remains one of the most fun, spectacular and affordable ways to enjoy Seychelles’ unique environment that is home to an amazing diversity of flora and fauna featuring some of the rarest species on the planet.

SNPA Strategic Plan *2017-2021

The SNPA Strategic Plan (2017-2021) was approved by Cabinet in October 2017. The plan is aimed at reinforcing SNPA’s capacity, addressing its resource issues and also enhancing its capacity to leverage more support from partners and stakeholders. Enhanced engagement with partners and stakeholders remain a cornerstone of SNPA’s operations, in recognition of the fact that the organisation, despite its strengths, would not be able to effectively manage protected areas without strong commitment from its stakeholders. The plan also highlights the need for an organisational and performance review in order to improve its management effectiveness.