Education & Awareness

The SPGA implements its educational and awareness initiatives in collaboration with other Ministries, stakeholders and NGO’s. Through classes, educational trips, presentations, snorkeling sessions and guided tours, the SPGA aims to teach young people about their protected environment and its varied habitats. This leads to a greater appreciation of the delicate balance of ecology and the importance of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

The Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority focuses on three levels of education activities:

Schools Programs

SPGA has been instrumental in developing a series of educational materials that support the school curriculum. Publication of educational materials, including Codes of Best Practice, Fact Files and Informational booklets for teachers and students alike.

Public lectures and presentations are also made to students concerning various topics from species conservation to topical marine issues, coastal development and terrestrial environment issues.

Awareness Programs

Our staffs regularly share their expertise via the local media, including radio and television programmes, and articles in local newspapers.

Public meetings are held for stakeholders and other specific groups, including tour-operators, yacht charters and fishermen to address specific park and gardens management issues.

SPGA actively promotes educational trips to the national parks and gardens where our staff provide guided tours to locals and tourists alike. The authority also coordinates educational activities which can incorporate games, presentations, clean ups, tree planting and snorkeling for youth groups and environmental clubs.

Environmental theme Days Celebration

The SPGA is committed to participate in environment theme days by organising a series of activities each year. These include media campaigns, presentations, beach and underwater cleanups, trail clearing, art workshop, tree planting and exhibitions targeted to locals and tourists.

SNPA is the local leading agency in the following:

  • International Day of Forests– 21st  March
  • World Oceans Day – 8th  June

In addition, SNPA is instrumental in the coordination of :

  • World Environment Day – 5th June
  • World Biodiversity Day- 22nd May
  • World Ranger Day- 31st July
  • Clean up the world campaign - September

Services and Facilities

Doctor’s House Information & Education Centre

The Doctor’s House based on Curieuse Island offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the interesting history and biodiversity of the island. This centre occasionally hosts educational tours for school children and teachers. If you are interested in visiting the Centre and participating in a tailor made program, please forward your request in writing to us.

Veuve Reserve information Centre

The Abraham Niole information Centre, inside the Veuve Reserve is opened to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5 p.m. In there you will find all the information that you need about the rare and endangered Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher and the other species of the reserve. The centre hosts groups of school children and other visitors who wants to learn more about the reserve and its flora and fauna. For a visit contact Officer in charge, Miss Josianna Rose on: 2723084