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Main office

Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority
Unit 5C – 8C, Second Floor
Orion Mall
P.O. Box 1240
Tel: (248) 422 5114


Mrs. Nathachia Einfeldt (SPGA)
​​​​Nathachia Einfeldt


  Botanical Gardens, Mahe
  General Manager (Gardens)
  Tel: (+248) 4378830 / (+248) 272 6110





Ste Anne Marine Park

Mr. Remie Asman (SPGA)
Remie Asman


  Perseverance, Mahe
  Ste. Anne Marine Park Manager
  Tel: (+248) 272 6112





Port Launay & Baie Ternay Marine Parks

Mr. Roland Quatre(SPGA)
Roland Quatre


  Cap Ternay, Mahe
  Park Officer
  Tel: (+248) 2724996




Inner Islands Outstations


 Fond B'Offay Station


Vicky Athanase (Mrs)
Vicky Athanase


  Fond B'Offay, Praslin
  Inner Islands Manager
  Tel: (+248) 430 4457 / (+248) 2811692





Curieuse Marine Park & Ile Cocos Marine Park

Mr. Anto Suzette (SPGA)
Anto Suzette


  Curieuse Island
  Curieuse Marine Park Manager
  Tel: (248) 272 6102




Veuve Special Reserve

Ms. Josianne Rose (SPGA)
Josianna Rose


  Anse Reunion, La Digue Island
  Veuve Reserve Coordinator
  Tel: (+248) 272 3084




Forestry and National Parks Section


Ms. Kelsy Gill
Kelsy Gill


  Mont Fleuri, Mahe
  Coordinator - Forestry and National Parks

  Tel: (+248) 2711191






Information and Events

Geraldine Joubert (Ms)

  Main Office, Mahe
  Communications, Information, Events, Education and     Awareness Officer
  Tel: (+248) 2725057