Opportunities & Support

Employment Opportunities

SPGA employs about 150 full-time all Seychellois staff, which includes park rangers, horticulturists, marine biologists, administrators, accounts & support staff. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact our Corporate Services Division, Administration and Human Resource Section on telephone no. (+248) 225 114.

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to full time employees, the SPGA hires personnel through a variety of programs. We do regular intake of post-secondary and university students on work placements. There are often short term volunteer positions available. If you have something to offer and would like to work alongside us, then please send us your Curriculum Vitae. At the moment we cannot accommodate international volunteers.

Support SPGA

Individuals and organisations interested in helping us achieve our aims by supporting us financially or by making any donations, may do so by contacting our Chief Executive Officer on telephone no. (+248) 4225 114.

Corporate Sponsorship

SPGA will be pleased to discuss sponsorship opportunities where the partnership will be mutually beneficial and enhance the reputation of both parties. This can be for a particular project or in general support of the organisation.

The SPGA is interested in exploring sponsorship possibilities with companies as there are always conservation projects in need of funding, many of which have great publicity potential. 

Thank you for your support.