Conservation & Research

The Research, Documentation and Monitoring Section within SPGA aims at promoting and developing terrestrial, coastal and marine research in the Seychelles. The Research Section is involved in a wide range of projects which falls within the main principles of the Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy (SSDS). Currently research extends nationally and internationally, with various projects covering the areas of coral reefs, mangroves, sea grasses and other marine life, as well as ecology of Seychelles' flora, habitat restoration, and management of invasive species, among other research projects.

The Research and Monitoring Programmes are often conducted in collaboration with partner organisations with the objectives of providing scientific information necessary to inform changes and developments. Researchers often study impacts to marine life and vegetation and provide advice and recommendations to government bodies and private sectors where necessary. SPGA Research, Documentation and Monitoring Section participates increasingly in several International Research initiatives; for instance it functioned as the co-secretariat of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) for 2003-2005 and also coordinated and implemented the Coral Reef Degradation in the South Western Indian Ocean islands (CORDIO) Projects for the period 2003- 2006.

Additionally, the SPGA acts as the National Focal Point for Indian Ocean Commission (COI) in the implementation of the Coral Reef Monitoring Program and is a founding member of the Seychelles National Coral Reef Network (SNCRN) which undertook coral reef monitoring. SPGA has established partnerships with a large number of research institutions and management bodies, both in the region and internationally.