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This online payment allows non-residents and tourism operators to purchase tickets to enter the following sites (parks, gardens, reserve, trails) managed by the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA).

Entrance Tickets

Day tickets are available for non-residents. Seychellois citizens and residents do not need an entrance ticket.

The purchase of entrance permits is compulsory for non-residents before entering each SPGA paying site and presented to an SPGA officer upon entry. Seychellois citizens and residents must present their residency identification on demand.

The penalty for entering an SPGA-managed site without either a valid entrance permit, or a valid Seychelles ID card, is Rs 600.

Prices of tickets

Day tickets are issued per person, per day for a specific park. They are valid between 8am and 5pm daily.

Attraction Type Adult non-resident (12 years and over)
Curieuse mpa Rs 300
Curieuse Nesting Sea Turtle Trail trail Rs 150
St. Anne mpa Rs 200
Baie Ternay & Port Launay mpa Rs 200
Iles Cocos mpa Rs 200
Iles Cocos & Curieuse Bundle mpa Rs 400
Copolia Trail trail Rs 100
Botanical Garden garden Rs 250
Veuve Reserve reserve Rs 150
Veuve & Iles Cocos Bundle mpa Rs 250
Biodiversity Centre centre Rs 150
Glacis Noire Trail trail Rs 100
Troise Freres Trail trail Rs 150
Anse Major Trail trail Rs 150
Morne Seychellois Trail trail Rs 250
Tree Planting Events event Rs 50
Parking25 parking (visitor) Rs 25
Parking100 parking (operators) Rs 100

Overnight mooring permits
Overnight mooring permits are required for vessels wishing to stay overnight in a marine park. The fee is Rs 250 per vessel per night and is required for a vessel inside the marine park for any period between 5pm and 8am.

Thank you for using the online payment portal. All fees directly finance the conservation efforts of the National Parks. By using the online system you are helping reduce the operating costs of SPGA, meaning more of your money is used on the ground!

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