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The Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA) is a parastatal organization primarily responsible for managing 8 national parks in the Inner Islands, inclusive of a number of nature trails. The authority manages some of the most visited sites in Seychelles (i.e. Curieuse, Cocos Island, St. Anne Marine Parks) (see summary of sites below). Some areas of the terrestrial national park of Morne Seychellois especially the trails (e.g. Mare aux Cochons, Copolia, Trois Freres, Anse Major), parts of the terrestrial Praslin National Park (Glacis Noire), and La Digue Veuve Reserve are also well visited by large numbers of visitors.
We thank you for choosing to visit one of our paying sites and for contributing to the protection of our national parks and gardens. Enjoy your visit!

Summary of SPGA-managed National Parks

Designation Type
IUCN Category
Official Name Terrestrial Area (ha) Marine Area (ha) Total Area (ha)
Special Reserve
Cat. Ib
La Digue Special Veuve Reserve 21 - 21
National Park
Cat. II
Morne Seychellois National Park 3129.47 - 3129.47
Praslin National Park 325.37 - 325.37
Protected Area
Iles Cocos, Ile La Fouche, Ilot Platte - 85.55 85.55
Marine National Park
Cat. II
Curieuse - 1340.74 1340.74
Baie Ternay - 87.09 87.09
Port Launay - 163.29 163.29
St. Anne - 965.41 965.41
Copolia Trail
Botanical Garden 24.8 24.8
Biodiversity Centre 17 17
Glacis Noire Trail
Troise Freres Trail
Anse Major Trail
Morne Seychellois Trail
Total SPGA managed PAs 6159.72