World Wildlife Day 2024

World Wildlife Day 2024

World Wildlife Day 2024- Connecting People and Planet; Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation

On this World Wildlife Day, we come together to highlight and celebrate the incredible diversity of our planet's flora and fauna and recommit to protecting and preserving the invaluable ecosystems that sustain life.

Aligned with this year's theme, we underscore the power of digital transformation as a driving force for more efficient and accurate research and conservation. At SPGA, our team continues in their strides to utilise technology and innovation as crucial components for data collection, monitoring, enforcement and drawing conclusive findings. This year SPGA is set to excitedly see the launch of a specialised software technology which will revolutionise monitoring and conservation within all Parks as we continue to be responsible stewards of the environment and advocate for the protection of wildlife everywhere.

Together we can ensure a harmonious coexistence with all living beings and habitats for future generations.

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