SPGA Warns Against Illegal Fishing in the Marine Parks

SPGA Warns Against Illegal Fishing in the Marine Parks

Assented on the 23rd March 2022, the adopted Nature Reserves and Conservancy Act, 2022 makes reference to Offences and Penalties, Enforcement and Compliance, Access and Restrictions, as well as the Management and Development of the protected areas, of which encompasses the Marine Parks. With regards to such, SPGA has most recently detected several incidences of visitors, as well as locals illegally fishing or attempting to fish within the marine parks, a practice which the Authority firmly condemns.

SPGA would like to reiterate the following depicted through the Act:


Section XIII, Subsection 26(1): a person who -

(a) hunts, fishes, does or takes part in any activity involving the alteration of the configuration of the soil or the alteration of the character of the vegetation, causes pollution of water, introduces exotic animals or plant species into the protected area or performs an act likely to harm or disturb the flora and fauna in the protected area.

(b) destroys, removes, causes to be destroyed or causes to be removed, or attempts to destroy or to remove wood, trees, forests, corals, mangroves, seagrass and associated species or other habitats found in, produced on or stemming from a protected area;

Whilst SPGA would like to ensure that such incidents are avoided, boat operators and owners, charters and the public are reminded that the Authority will take necessary legal actions against any individual(s) found carrying out such illegal activities within its Parks. SPGA further takes this opportunity to urge boat owners to convey its unyielding message to the captain and crew on-board, in an effort to avoid any unpleasant circumstances, which may lead to the seizure of fishing equipment or other articles or instruments, where there are reasonable grounds to believe that such has been used for committing or in connection to an offence under the Act.