Pollution: Choking our Natural Beauty

Pollution: Choking our Natural Beauty

Environmental pollution is increasing with each passing year, as the same rubbish that harms the aquatic life, mars the terrestrial landscape. Now, more than ever, our planet needs our help with this systemic problem. It is known that even the slightest form of pollution can pose huge threats to an infinite list of living organisms.

Rubbish left at Anse Major in the Morne Seychellois National Park

SNPA’s mission is to effectively protect and manage designated marine and terrestrial protected areas, including forested areas for future generations with the intention to use them for conservation, recreation, research and educational purposes. As observed recently, there has been a tremendous increase in litter pollution throughout the Morne Seychellois National Park. Why do we human behave in such a way? Especially in places where wildlife are meant to thrive in its most natural state with minimal human disturbance. As an authority, we strongly believe that these designated areas are not your personal dumping sites or “do as you please” places. They deserve the respect that is lawfully given to them.

We, as a proud nation need to disown statements such as “if I don’t litter, then those who are paid to clean won’t have anything to do”.  This was strongly felt during the covid-19 crisis when less SNPA officials were circulating on the trails. The amount of rubbish was unbelievable! These must mostly have been from Seychellois or Seychelles residents since tourism numbers were low. SNPA is urging all users of the National Parks to be more sensible when disposing trash. I quote from the constitution “The State recognizes the right of every person to live in and enjoy a clean, healthy and ecologically balanced environment”. After all, Seychelles is OUR home and OUR responsibility. 

We keep on living each day like as if we have a second earth, a second planet to call home. Little do we know, without Mother Earth, we are nonexistent! Let us return the favor, preserve and protect her. By saving nature, you are saving your own life too. Let us make the impossible possible!